Tourist in Miraflores

Shopping guide

Miraflores is without a doubt Lima’s leading tourist district, offering extensive modern commercial areas an beautiful parks. It is also one of the few areas in the city where you can stroll about safely.

It concentrates the highest number of hotels, restaurants, pubs, discos, theatres, cinemas, art galleries and an active culture life. Lima wellers head to Miraflores for fun and outings as it has a great deal to offer include a seaside view and many safe streets. While Miraflores is a district in Lima it is considered a type of “downtown”.

It is pleasant to walk through Miraflores on a summer afternoon, in particular along the seawall. However, at night the district comes alive, with its many discotheques and pubs. Moreover, Lima’s excellent gastronomy and refines palate is definitely concentrated in Miraflores.

One traditional area is Av. Larco, which begins at the Miraflores Ovalo, a type of entrance into the district and ends in the Salazar Park, where there is an entertainment complex called Larco mar.
Much of the night life can be found in the Ovalo Gutierrez, on the border with San Isidro, where you will find excellent alternatives to eat, drink, have a good time or enjoy the latest films.

On the one side of the Kennedy Park you will find the San Ramon Boulevard, popularly know as the “Pizza Street”. This is an informal place to enjoy delicious pizzas and Italian pastas in a bustling area, in particular at nighttime. This is a place where single visitors tend to strike up friendships with young people from Lima and where the fun ends at dawn. The area is known for its rose venders, portrait painters and folkloric music groups. At the exit you will always find many taxis at any time of night.
If you are looking for a Peruvian souvenir we recommended that you visit the artisan market on the Av. Petit Thouars, very close to the Miraflores Ovalo and where you will always find novelties.

And for those who love antiques, on La Paz Avenue and Ricardo Palma you will find several shops dedicated to this specialty. Do not forget that much of Lima’s enchantment lies in this district. It is a must see.