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Lima is probably the most interesting city of the world to purchase knitted articles with very fine alpaca and vicuņa fibers, which have a fine finishing quality. Some of these articles are made with cutting edge technology and at the same time combined with an ancestral knowledge of the knitted fabric, which can't be found anywhere else in the world.

From the South American camelidge, Alpaca an Vicuņa where the most fine fibers of the world come from. In Miraflores it is possible to find alpaca articles in any market, however, qualities vary and there are specialized shops which offer more sophisticated expressions of this art. Prices are, also, as varied as the qualities There is a variant of alpaca called Baby Alpaca, made with finer wool from young alpacas, giving the article a special texture. Baby alpaca is a bit more expensive, but wonderfully luxurious. The vicuña deservesa a special mention, considered the finest fiber in the world among different types of wool. Considering that it comes from an animal which lives over 4000 meters above sea level, the vicuņa offers a skill fiber, which is exceptionally warm.

On the other hand, Peruvian jewelry offers a unique touch. There is no single trend in current jewelry design and when you visit a specialized house you will find a wide variety of styles and designs. As can be expected, there are many collectins that reflect traditional or typical Peruvian Themes, for example those based on pre-Colombian culture. There are also magnificent contemporary pieces based on ancient designs. Finally, there are much more modern and classic European and Arabic designs that leave aside what is typical.

Designer use a wide variety of resources commonly used by the gold smiths ancient Peru. For example, feathers, spondylus princeps or oyster shells, huayruros (a brightly colored seed with mystic connotations for Peruvians) as well as precious or semi-precious stones. The majority of these elements are worked in silver, as this precious metal is more flexible while gold, already highly value, allows much simpler and more discreet designs. And last but not least, don't forget that the Peruvian artisan work has no comparison. Peruvian artwork, for its diversity, bright colors, creativity and multiple uses is among the most veried in the world. Centuries of history laden with forms and pre-Hispanic symbols that mingle and stand alongside others brought by the Spaniards, spark admiration at home and abroad. Visitors to Peruvian shores cannot avoid being captiveted by the enchantment of these pieces that reflect the customs and history of the people.

Shoping and fun in Larcomar

Larcomar is a shopping and entertainment center with a privileged location on a cliff overlooking the sea. It has a wide range of restaurants, form fast-food to upscale dining and shops that offer sports, gear, handicrafts, books and gifts, as well as a multiplex cinema, bowling alley, and entertainment for children.

The shopping is all outside, and at night the bars and restaurants light up to provide a dining experience with a dramatic ocean view. a popular Limeņan hangout, Larcomar is particulary accesible to visitors because it offers an international level of service, and also because it's an open space that's free from the street vendors who often hassle tourists. If you have a free morning or afternoon, stop by Larcomar. You won't find anything that you haven't encountered in other destinations, but the convenience and variety of diversions, with their attactive presentation, should ensure that you have a good time.



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