Miraflores in history

Miraflores was the scene of the development of much of the story, always playing a leading role in the process of formation of Perú.

The beaches, cliffs and plateaus that now look here, and that form the highlight of Miraflores, took shape in a long process that lasted millions of years, especially during the Tertiary and Quaternary, which involved such phenomena as the movement of the channel's Rimac (thus in their soils are boulders in abundance) and the uprisings of the earth's crust (as seen in the cliffs of the Costa Verde). So, little by little, he shaped the Miraflores’ area to become the now inhabit.

Humans also have an active participation in the transformation of Miraflores, making it a pleasant environment to live. Expanded beaches, desert and forest areas have become agricultural fields and then they were fully urbanized.
Therefore, to remind us we started a journey through the history of Miraflores, trying to understand what were the causes that led to build an increasingly prosperous life full of hope that our national future.

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